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We at the editorial board thank each and every author, who have contributed to the inaugural edition. It goes without saying we have great talents and we should nurture this together.

Our children have showcased some great writing and artistic skills, as our motive we should continue to “Inspire, Share and Grow” with this initiative. 

Please continue to contribute in the coming editions. Also do send your valuable feedback to chiefeditor@kantn.org; we would like to hear from you.

KANജനം editorial committee

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Rules for article submission

Your articles should be new and original not published in either social or print media before. Plagiarism in any from  (using words, sentences, or ideas from another work without clearly acknowledging the source) will not be accepted. We are “A Registered Non-Profit Organization Under the Section 501(C) (3) that is Secular, Non-Political and Non-Religious in nature”. While we allow flexibility on the subject matter of your contribution, editorial board will not accept any contribution about religion, religious figures, political parties, and political views .  You may email chiefeditor@kantn.org if you have any questions or concerns. The editorial board has the right to screen the articles to make sure the KAN executive committee directions are met and has the right to accept or reject submission and that will be final.  Once accepted, the copyright of the your article will be transfer to e-quarterly and KAN. Any article received after due date will be moved to the next edition.