CNN’s  Kerala Flood Report

The South Indian state Kerala is experiencing an unprecedented flood havoc, that caused immeasurable misery and devastation. More than 324 lives were lost. Thousands of homes were destroyed. For the first time in history, 80 dams in the State had to be opened, 3,14,391  people are in about 2000+ relief camps. Never had the State witnessed a calamity of this scale. In the fight against the flood, we have braved the odds.

In a meeting convened to assess the flood situation in the State, CM Pinarayi Vijayan informed Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the State has suffered a loss of ₹19,512 crore as per initial assessment.

The initial assessment is that path to recovery can be long & arduous, but you can make a difference by joining the rebuilding efforts.

Join hands in hand  to rebuild the lives of the flood affected people.

At this time of a national disaster of this magnitude , as KAN did for Okhi , rebuilding and resources can be provided effectively and efficiently through to the CM disaster relief fund.

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