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KANQuest-KAN Youth Forum summer programs announced.

The KAN Youth Forum is pleased to announce KANQuest, the next set of Summer Youth Programs! These programs encompass a variety of areas and skillsets for children of all ages. We will focus on developing debate and writing skills while giving participants the chance to win fabulous gift cards, all from the convenience of your home. We have three competitions and one training camp planned for this summer: Essay Competition, Debate Competition, Art program, and ACT Boot Camp. Please register before the closing date. The details of the program are below:

1.Essay Competition – “Creativity and Productivity in Challenging Times”

Eligibility: Current and rising middle and high school students of KAN members

Topic: COVID-19 has caused many changes in our daily lives with students experiencing large shifts in their routines. We are facing challenges on a scale that has never been seen before, shuttering many of our plans. This summer we are faced with the difficult challenge of finding ways to remain productive and engaged in a society that is gradually growing distant. It’s become increasingly easy to become distracted by favorable options such as Netflix, video games, and social media. Write a short essay on how you are spending your days effectively while social distancing is in place (prompt above).

Rules: Your submission should be new and original, not published in either social or print media before. Plagiarism in any form (using words, sentences, or ideas from another work without clearly acknowledging the source) will not be accepted.

Your submission will of maximum two pages, formatted,12 font size, single line spacing. Do not write your name or any identifiable information on your essay. Once you register we will an email with google classroom code. You will upload your essay into google classroom. DO NOT SEND THE ESSAY TO US.

Registration: Registration is mandatory and will close on June 10th 2020


Prize: There will be separate prizes for middle school and High school. (Top 2 from middle school and Top 2 high school + 1 honorable mention). It also will be published in the KanJanam eQuarterly .

Date: KAN must receive all entries in Google classroom by 11:59 CST, June 17, 2020.

Judging: Submissions will be blindly judged on the quality of analysis, logically presenting your observations, form, style, and mechanics. Successful entries will answer all aspects of the prompt and demonstrate an understanding of the prompt.

2.Debate Competition

Eligibility:  Current and rising middle and high school students of KAN members

Topic: Topic will be announced after the registration and teams announced

Rules: The teams will have one week to research ideas and arguments to support their side. On debate day participants will discuss their problems and their perspectives on the main issue. When starting an argument students must cite the source they are using or must state that it is a personal opinion. *

Registration: Registration is mandatory and will close on June 6th 2020


Prize: Certificates will be given to the members of the winning team. Gift card prizes will be given to the overall best speaker and the most prepared debater.

Date: Saturday 13th June

3.Showcase your Art talent

Eligibility:  KAN kids of ages 9 (elementary school students) and below (must not have turned age 10 before 6/15/2020). This program is to encourage drawing/pictures of young talents.

Topic: Any creative ideas are welcome, suggested topics are (1) Draw and color a picture that presents your vision of how you have spent your time home away from school. Or (2) it can be about a place, a feeling, an expression, a serene view of a jungle/forest, a morning view which inspired you or, a favorite person/animal, etc.

Rules: Participants should not write their name on the work.  Any coloring method (crayons, pencil, oil, water, etc.) can be used. Artwork should be in an 8.5 X 11 page. A high-quality image (without any digital editing) will need to be uploaded to Google Classroom. Any computer-generated design/elements should not be included in the artwork.

Registration: Registration is required


Prize: All participating kids will receive a prize.

Date: The last date to submit June 20th

4.ACT training

The ACT is a different test that you take at your school, is accepted in college admission. This is Training facilitated by KAN, but conducted by an independent instructor. Simple strategies and preparation can help you to get a high ACT score. The test comprises of four areas from your regular class: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The test has an optional Writing section.  Students who can dedicate your time to practice can join this program. Seats will be limited.

The details will be announced by the instructor, a fee will be charged by the instructor.

Registration: Registration is required


If any issues, contact Shahina Masood at shahinamasood@gmail.com or Amal Sam at amalanto.sam@gmail.com.


For  KAN Youth Forum

Shahina Masood and Amal Sam

Upcoming Events

KAN women’s forum – Chat room – Join Wemens’ What’s app group for details. Meets monthly.

Malayalam class from May to July – In progress, Registartion closed.

Past Events

KAN Nashville- Youth Forum – Demo “Kids Yoga”

KAN sports festival

Get ready for sports and fun ,KAN invite all of you to KAN sport festival 2020.We will be having Chess/ Carroms/ Cards (28)/ Soccer/ Tennis/ Volleyball/ Throwball this year. Will start with Chess, Cards and Carroms next month/ early Mar followed by outdoor games (once the weather warms up a bit).

Please use the following link to submit your interests by Sun, Feb 2nd: https://forms.gle/jsyMYyZAXRXdZUXg9

Here is the link to the payment: https://www.kantn.org/kan-events/kansports2020/.

We are sincerely expecting the same high level of enthusiasm and spirit that you all have shown in yesteryear’s. So, come on and let’s have some competitive, fun-filled round of games as part of “KAN SPORTS 2020”.

There is a one-time registration fee for your participation in KAN Sports 2020:

Member Individual – $20
Member’s kid 14 and below – Free
Non-Member Individual – $40

If you have any questions regarding sports, please call Anantha @ 615 689 8494.

Kerala Association of Nashville is excited to announce our first cultural event of  2020.
The New year blast event of music, rhythm, dance, family get together and lot fun followed Kerala dinner.
Date: Jan 4th Saturday 2020,Time: 4.00 PM, 9 PM 
Venue: West End Middle School, Auditorium

———- 2019

Annual General Body meeting and swearing-in ceremony of office bearers for 2020-21.

This is a free event for all who currently maintain their active membership with KAN. Dinner will be served.

Date- Sunday, December 8th, 2019, Time- 6 PM to 10 PM

Venue- Greater Nashville Unitarian Universalist Congregation

374 Hicks Rd,Nashville, TN 37221

KAN Onam 2019 on September 14th
KAN Picnic 2019 on Aug 17th

KAN sports festival

Get ready for sports and fun ,KAN invite all of you to KAN sport festival 2019.

Member Individual – $20
Member’s kid 14 and below – Free
Non-Member Individual – $40


Patterson Park Community Center
521 Mercury Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37133.


2018 KAN ONAM program to be held on August 26th 2018 at :

Patterson Park Community Center
521 Mercury Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37133.

Madhuram 18 – Biju Menon Megashow

KAN Women’s Forum 2018

KAN Family Night and New year celebration ‘2018 

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