Cyclone FANI Relief Fund

The extremely severe cyclonic storm ‘FANI’ made landfall on the Odisha coast south of Puri on 3rd May, 2019. It was one of the worst cyclones to hit India’s eastern coastline. The strong wind of more than 200 km per hour has caused extensive damage to the infrastructure and people’s assets, such as water supply, electricity and the houses of the poor rural and urban communities. The lifeline of the state including the state capital is still under darkness with electricity and communication line cut off completely. The death toll has been limited due to efforts of State government to do mass evacuation of more than a million people, but the devastating cyclone has shaken the backbone of coastal Odisha and killed the hope and dreams of poor people in rural as well as urban slums.

The state of Odisha needs your kind assistance in recovery operations and rebuilding the lives of families affected by Cyclone Fani. The initial assessment is that the path to recovery will be long and onerous, but you can make a difference by joining the restoration and rebuilding efforts. Your valuable support extended at this time of crisis will lead to a lifetime of hope and help for those affected.